WHAT IS Elastic Tripod Coin?

ElasticTripod coin is a peer-to-peer network system based on cryptography like Bitcoin yet unlike Bitcoin. Elastictripod is a cryptocurrency to change the financial world in the future. It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies (such as dollars or coins), however what makes it distinct is that it allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership.

Elastictripod coin is a decentralized self moderated financial payment network created for users that want to be independent from third parties like banks or the government. No middlemen or other institutions are needed for processing transactions. As all the payments are processed through secured servers, so that users don’t need to bother about any risk, it is the most user friendly system that allows your trust and control over it, it also allows you to benefit from the revolution in blockchain technology.

The number of coins is limited. The ElasticTripod coin supply will only have 18 million coins worldwide, ElasticTripod is public for everyone. But it does not show which transaction is done by whom. Each user can choose whether his name will appear or not. This known and new technology revolutionizes the whole financial system. Our system is vastly superior to existing systems with the ability to protect users from all hackers, easy to use but still confirm a legitimate transaction.

Some Facts


Blockchain is a platform where all transactions are permanently written,
unchangeable and hack resistant.ElasticTripod Coin is build on that platform


Elastic Tripod Coin Initial Coin Offering XET offering (ICO) will last from the 22nd of
March 2018 to 10th of April 2018.
Everyone can join and be a part of our story.

Pre-ICO Sales

  • 25% BONUS: 10th of March – 20th of March 2018: 1 XET = USD 0.40

Be the first to purchase tokens at the lowest price
with bonus offerings at ICO stage

  • 15% BONUS: 22nd of March – 25th of March 2018: 1 XET = USD 0.55
  • 10% BONUS: 26th of March – 30th of March 2018: 1 XET = USD 0.85
  • 5% BONUS: 31st of March – 05th of April 2018: 1 XET = USD 1.05
  • 0% BONUS: 06th of April – 10th of April 2018: 1 XET = USD 1.50
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Dividend Staking

Dividend Staking is to invest your own ElasticTripod Coin to get
a daily return from the trading activities of the management of ElasticTripod Coin.


Elastic Tripod coin (XET) is a utility token that can
be used in exchange with other crypto currency.


ElasticTripod coin (XET) is a form of security token in a unique way in that; it offers percentages to every coin
that is in the XET wallet on monthly bases. ElasticTripod coin (XET) gives little shares to its token holders...

Elastic Debit Card

Elastic Debit Card provides an advanced solution regarding your cash payment. It’s a decentralize platform for everyone. Elastic Card will be given free to those who refer minimum of 20 direct down lines. Kept for exceptional leaders who participate in our referral program.

The card will be used for our Utility Purposes. Every card holder have a certain percentage dropped in their card on a monthly basis which can be use to purchase Virtual products and services from our Partners.

Money Xchange Made Easy

  • Zero Limits on transaction.
  • Instant payments in fiat money or crypto currencies internationally
  • Integration with third-payment wallet.

Apply for your card

  • Login to your elastictripodcoin.com dashboard.
  • Make sure you purchase minimum of 100 tokens.
  • Click on the "Apply For Card" menu.
  • Enter your name, address and other information.
  • Click submits!


If the ElasticTripodCard Application menu is not active on your account,
you need to purchase 100 ElasticTripodCoin tokens, however.

Free ElasticTripod Card applications are welcome till the end of our ICO.
ElasticTripod Coin to the moon!



Wallet download coming soon after closure of ICO.



Each step in the roadmap demonstrates our commitment and effort to ensure that everything would be done
correctly at the right time, so that we could timely provide platforms for members to do their XET transactions,
or investment. This road map would provide you
with the most user friendly way to use ElascTripodCoin.

  • July, 2017
    Conceptualization of the project
  • August - September, 2017
    formation of the team of management
  • October, 2017
    Feasibility Study, Research and adoption of the project is made
  • November, 2017 Elastic Tripod is formed and officially
    takes control of the Elastic Tripod Project
  • 10th March, 2018
    ElasticTripod Pre-ICO Start
  • 20th March, 2018
    ElasticTripod Pre-ICO End
  • 22th March, 2018
    ElasticTripod ICO Starts
  • 10th April, 2018
    ElasticTripod ICO Ends
  • 13th April, 2018
    ElasticTripod Internal Exchange
  • 17th April, 2018
    ElasticTripod Dividend staking Programme
  • 19th April, 2018
    Target Price $20
  • 20th April, 2018
    Block Explorer
  • 20th April, 2018
    Elastic Tripod Window wallet
  • 30th April, 2018
    Linux Desktop wallet
  • 14th May, 2018
    List on coin directory Coin marketcap
  • 7th May, 2018
    Elastic Tripod coin on other exchanges
  • 16th May, 2018
    Target Price $30
  • 18th June, 2018
    Official Mining Pool
  • 18th August, 2018
    Debit Card
  • 25th August, 2018
    Impove website features
  • 18th Sept, 2018
    Andriod App-wallet
  • 18th Oct., 2018
    IOS App-wallet
  • 2019 January, 20th Investing in Start-ups, researching and
    developing solutions/ideas Base on blockchain technology
  • 25th Feb, 2019 ElasticTripod Coin to Establish a Community support
    programme for Believing and standing by us
  • 30th Feb., 2019 Target Price $100
  • 10th March, 2019 Establishing payment option
    for business to business and business to customer
  • 20th May, 2019

Exchanges We Are Contacting


More coming soon...

Referral Program


You can get more ElasticTripod Coin from our affiliate program
by telling other users about the opportunity and referring them to ElasticTripod community.
You earn more from our bonus program for every new user who join and sign
up on ElasticTripod Coin using your affiliate link


  • Level 1               5%
  • Level 2               3%
  • Level 3               2%
  • Level 4               1%
  • Level 5               0.5%


How is XET different from other platforms?

The difference between XET and other cryptocurrencies is its usability and the flexibility we offer & the fact that our income generation does not come solely from the crypto space alone.

What are the benefits of buying XET now?

During the Token Sale we are running, the price of the token goes up as more coins are sold, so if you buy XET now then you'll get it from us at the cheaper prices before supply becomes more limited, and prices increase. Holders of at least 100 XET will be eligible to apply for our ElasticTripod Card for free which will not be made available to future XET Member Token holders:
You can go through our roadmap on the website, to see what we have planned throughout the coming months in terms of development of the project, platform and ecosystem, so you can see how the coin and supporting products and services will be developed which should add tremendous value to the coin.
Also, you can spend XET on virtual products from retailer available from time to time, so you benefit by buying stuff at discounted prices from our partners.

How many XET token are distributed through the XET Crowdsale?

Maximum Supply: 18,000,000 XET
Pre ICO: 3,000,000 XET
Token Available in ICO: 10,000,000 XET

What happens if schedule tokens are not all distributed until the end of sale?

All unsold tokens will be burnt.

When does the Token Sale end?

The Token Sale will last approximately 20 days or less and will end on midnight of 10th April 2018, although this depends on the public demand. What is the minimum amount of XET I can buy? The minimum XET you can purchase is 50 unit.

How long will it take for my purchased XET to show in my account?

In many instances the XET you have purchased will show in your account as quickly as 10-15 mins, but please allow up to 24 hours in some instances for your XET to show, as there can be some delays in the processing of your deposit through the Ethereum blockchain or the Bitcoin blockchain which are beyond our control.

How Long Will My Withdrawal Take To Go Through?

Your withdrawal can take anything from 1hour to 12hours to go through, even though normally it is much faster. The transaction processing is also dependent on the speed of the Ethereum Blockchain as well as Bitcoin blockchain at the time that you requested the withdrawal. Please be patient and only contact us if your withdrawal has not been fully processed within 24hours, at that point we can look at this for you and see if there is a problem.

What cryptocurrency can I use to purchase XET?

Accepted currencies are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), we don’t accept FIAT currency such as USD, you need to purchase any of the cryptocurrency listed above to participate in the token sale.


Evenly Distributing Wealth


XET Insight

Market Storm may rage,
media FUD may come & go,
corrections may happen,
even though the market crashes,
We will still be here because we are
So we don't break easily.

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Elastic Tripod formerly known as (AMB) an acronym for AD’s Master Blasters,
now dissolved to take up new frontiers with Elastic Tripod Coin XET.

AMB was a company that buys leads and in turn sells it to clients and also runs advert
on mainstream media for our clients, and AMB before closing up to make way for XET

has a Revenue base of greater than not less than $120,000 USD on average by monthly bases
and this is the area we are going to focus on and scale up to cushion the
effect of crypto market volatility against Elastic-Tripod (XET),

so as to keep our business green, and keep our
investors happy by Evenly distributing the wealth….